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The territory of the Province of La Spezia is characterized by unique peculiarities. The rocks overlooking the sea of the Cinque Terre and Portovenere, the plain of the Magra river, the mountains of the Val di Vara: in a few kilometers there is a transformation of the unique territory, which makes it extremely interesting for the cultural heterogeneity and the infinite possibility it offers.

Tourism in the province of La Spezia offers interesting and different ideas. Seaside tourism, hiking, culture and history, food and wine.

La Spezia

La Spezia today offers many leisure and cultural opportunities. Its museums are famous: The Naval Museum, unique in its kind, CAMEC, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Amedeo Lia Museum, of international importance, the Seal Museum, unique in the world museum panorama and, within the Castle of San Giorgio, the Ubaldo Formentini Archaeological Museum. La Spezia is today a dynamic city, where it is possible to walk or frequent clubs even during the night. During the summer there are many cultural and traditional initiatives, such as the Festa del Mare and the Palio del Golfo

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Portovenere & Cinque Terre

The Levante coast, with its rocks overlooking the sea, is dotted with enchanting villages, often perched on hills torn from nature to be cultivated in the typical "terraces". The pearls of this landscape are the Cinque Terre, with the towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Portovenere is one of the most romantic and enchanting places in Italy, with its colorful houses above the sea, the castle, the magnificent church of San Pietro. The Cinque Terre are also connected to each other through paths overlooking the sea, popular with trekking enthusiasts from all over the world

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Surroundings 8
Val di Magra

The last part of Liguria, with La Lunigiana and Versilia a few kilometers away, is dotted with medieval villages and castles. The most important centers are Sarzana, a historical monumental city which hosts cultural initiatives of a national nature, such as "La Soffitta nella Strada" or the "Festival della Mente" and Lerici, one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Italy. The Val di Magra has a flat area which slides towards the Marinella beaches to climb the hills of Castelnuovo and Ortonovo. To remember the important archaeological excavations of the Roman city of Luni, from which the nearby Lunigiana takes its name, rich in castles and medieval villages

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Val di Vara

Behind La Spezia the green valley of the river Vara develops, which from the hills of the city reaches the Mountains of the Ligurian Alps. Rich in tradition, especially peasant and food and wine, it has a territory dotted with enchanting and hospitable villages, surrounded by greenery and is full of opportunities for hikers. Brugnato and Varese Ligure are the most important centers, rich in history and tradition

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